Saturday, July 1, 2017

About Newsoftheuniverse

The BIGGEST daily headlines in Astronomy, Technology, Biology and in All of Nature! We also feature talented astrophotographers and their works every week.

Initially beginning as a small-time hobby of a bored high-school student, has grown across multiple platforms and grown into a distinct and unique brand. Our mission is to compile the most interesting findings across the scientific community and to deliver them in an article that doesn't take a doctorate degree to understand. Run exclusively by undergraduate and high school students, is your one stop to finding the daily scoop on all things astronomy, technology and biology - all to be read in less than five minutes. We hope that you enjoy our articles and we always encourage you to further your reading by clicking on the links to the original studies and press releases.

The News Team:

Senior Management

Kyle Tam: Founder of and Editor-In-Chief
Teresa Marotta: Senior Editor and News Team Manager
Juliana Zadarko: Senior Editor and News Team Manager
Ashley Goveas: Senior Editor and Feature Team Manager

Writing Team

Bright Li: Weekend Writer specializing in Space and Medicinal Research
Kevin Didi: Technical Article Writer specializing in Engineering and Technology
Arslan Salikhov: News Writer specializing in Medicinal and Psychology Research

Editing Team

Hannah Guo: Weekday Editor specializing in Engineering and Technology

Social Media Team 

Charlyn Joy De Los Reyes: Social Media Analyst specializing in Medicinal Research

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