Friday, July 21, 2017


Article Written By: Kyle Tam



 Mathematicians at the University of York, Munich and Cardiff have discovered a unique property of quantum mechanical particles - they can move in the opposite direction a force is acting upon them. In other words, while these particles are being pushed forwards, they would move backwards instead - a unique property known as 'backflow'.
 Through a combination of analytical and numerical models, the researchers have obtained precise estimates of the power of this phenomenon. These calculations show that backflow is always present but is actually quite a small effect - which may explain why it has never been measured in experiments.
 "This new theoretical analysis into quantum mechanical particles shows that this 'backflow' effect is ubiquitous in quantum physics," said Dr Henning Bostelmann, Researcher in York's Department of Mathematics. "We have shown that backflow can always occur, even if a force is acting on the quantum particle while it travels. The backflow effect is the result of wave-particle duality and the probabilistic nature of quantum mechanics, and it is already well understood in an idealised case of force-free motion."
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