Saturday, July 22, 2017


Article Written By: Kyle Tam


 A new tech startup called Physee has advanced the modern vision of creating energy neutral housing by creating the world's first commercial, fully transparent solar-power-generating windows. These windows were outfitted in the headquarters of Rabobank, Netherlands' largest bank.
 These windows contain solar cells installed in the edges at a specific angle that allows the incoming light to be efficiently transformed into electricity. The windows could generate anywhere between 8 to 10 watts of power.
 "Large commercial estates consume a lot of energy," said Ferdinand Grapperhaus, co-founder and CEO of Physee. "If you want to make these buildings energy neutral, you never have enough roof surface. Therefore, activating the buildings' facades will significantly contribute to making the buildings energy neutral."
 Physee is already in the works of creating a next-generation window that would triple the efficiency of the current PowerWindows. These second generation windows would be coated with a special material based on the rare-earth metal thulium that would allow visible light to be transformed into near-infrared light. This would then be transported towards the solar cells in the edges of the windows.
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