Friday, July 14, 2017


Article Written By: Kyle Tam


This Sunday we would like to introduce you to an innovative company called Freight Farms. As you can probably guess from the name, this company specializes in creating shipping containers filled with racks of crops, grow lights and environmental control systems. These 'Leafy Green Machines' (LGMs) can be installed anywhere in the world and create fresh produce even in the densest of urban metropolises.
Due to its interesting uses, the company has also inadvertently built a prototype farm that NASA would like to study for future applications on other planets. Freight Farms recently received a grant from NASA to develop off-the-grid systems using as many renewables to provide "life support for human exploration of deep space" in the future. Future LGMs could eventually become even more self-regulating with the incorporation of tech such as water capture from ambient air and automatic composting.
In addition, the company has attracted attention from other key players such as Google and Kimbal Musk, brother to the Martian-enthusiast Elon Musk. Square Roots Grow, a company founded by Kimbal Musk, currently operates a parking lot full of LGM units for local growers. "My hope is that we are in every metro area in America as fast as we can get there," Musk told Popular Mechanics in an email.

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