Sunday, September 24, 2017


Article Written By: Kyle Tam


 For this week's Sunday Special, we would like to present to you some new photos taken by NASA's Juno spacecraft at the largest planet in our solar system. Taken over an 8-minute span on Sept 1 during its most recent close flyby of Jupiter, Juno's photos display Jupiter in all its mighty glory.
 Take a look at Jupiter's countless cloud bands and stupendous swirling storms (but sadly there is no Great Red Spot in these photos). "At the times the images were taken, the spacecraft ranged from 7,545 to 14,234 miles (12,143 to 22,908 kilometers) from the tops of the clouds of the planet at a latitude range of -28.5406 to -44.4912 degrees," wrote NASA officials in the description of these 4 images.
 These beautiful photos are actually the product of a collaboration between Juno and citizen scientists Gerald Eichstädt and Sean Doran. These images were originally a part of the raw imagery collected by the probe's JunoCam. NASA invites anyone to help out by processing Juno pictures in a similar manner. If interested, you can go to the JunoCam page for more raw data at:

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