Thursday, October 5, 2017


Article Written By: Kyle Tam


 For this week's Photo of the Week, we would like to present to our readers a magnificent photo of the Andromeda Galaxy. Taken by talented photographer and musician Dave Donnelly, this stunning shot of the Andromeda Galaxy not only brings out the resplendent colours of the galaxy's spirals, but it also accentuates the details of the surrounding stars.
 In case you were wondering, there are actually two visible satellite galaxies of Andromeda visible in the photo. Messier 32 is visible as a round light (slightly larger than the surrounding stars) to the left of the centre of Andromeda. Messier 110 on the other hand is the little galaxy visible to the bottom right of Andromeda.
 For more fantastic photos, be sure to check out Donnelly's Instagram @dsd_imaging at

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