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Article Written By: Teresa Marotta


Hypatia (died: 415 CE), also known as Hypatia of Alexandria, was one of the earliest female mathematicians, astronomer, inventor, and also a philosopher. She was the daughter of Theon of Alexandria, a mathematician and astronomer, who is best remembered for his role in the preservation of Euclid’s Elements. Hypatia continued his work, essentially attempting to preserve the Greek mathematical system and astronomical heritage. Hypatia is credited with commentaries on Apollonius of Perga’s Conics and Diophantus of Alexandria’s Arithmetic, and an astronomical table. The works themselves have been lost, though there have been attempts at reconstruction. During her time she was the world’s leading mathematician and astronomer. In addition, she was also a popular teacher on philosophical topics and attracted many students and large audiences. She died, sadly, at the hands of a gang of Christian zealots.

Quote: “Reserve your right to think, for even to think wrongly is better than not to think at all.”

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