Sunday, November 26, 2017

Explosive Discovery in Subatomic Physics

Article Written By: Kyle Tam


  Physicist Marek Karliner of University of Chicago has made a recent discovery in Subatomic physics. It was found that when two tiny particles called bottom quarks fused together, they created another subatomic particle called a nucleon, alongside a large amount of energy. This energetic event clocked in at 138 MeV, which is 8 times more powerful than the 17.6 MeV individual fusion that occurs inside a hydrogen bomb.
  However, this explosion will have no military application due to the short period of time that the bottom quarks exists: 1 picosecond, the same amount of time it takes light to travel half a single grain of salt. After that picosecond, it was found that the bottom quarks decayed into less energetic up-quarks.
  As of yet, these reactions are still theoretical as they have yet to be tested in a lab, but the implications they hold could prove to be potentially fruitful in future works.

Article Written by T. Correia

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