Sunday, December 3, 2017

Citizen Science Project to Find 'Extremophile' Rocks

Article Written By: Kyle Tam


 Biologist Jocelyn DiRuggiero of John Hopkins University has launched a crowd sourcing 'citizen science' project called Rockiology that aims at finding rocks with special, live microorganisms within.
 These single-cell microbes, known as 'extremophiles', are known for the extreme conditions in which they live. They are creatures so touth that they might be able to survive outside their rock hosts on other planets or moons. To learn more about these unique creatures, DiRuggiero needs helps finding rocks in the most remote places on Earth such as deserts, valleys in Antarctica and other places that mimic the conditions of alien worlds.
 DiRuggerio hopes that by learning more about these microorganisms, scientists may be able to shed more light on organisms that could be potentially living on other planets within our cosmos. After all, even though no actual organisms have been found beyond Earth, DiRuggiero believes that the cosmos' 2 trillion galaxies are too crowded with stars and planets for life not to exist out there somewhere.

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