Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Misaligned Sheets of Graphene Could be the Next Ultra Superconductor

Article Written By: Kyle Tam


 Physicists working with graphene have discovered that by twisting two sheets of the atom-thick carbon material by an angle of 1.1º, the material is capable of conducting electrons without resistance. This discovery could be a significant step in the decades-long search for room-temperature superconductors.
 Although the system needed to be cooled to 1.7 degrees above absolute zero, the results as published in two Nature papers details that electricity may be conducted through this material much like known high-temperature superconductors.
 Superconducotrs come in two types: conventional, which are easily explained by normal theories of superconductivity, and unconventional, such as the graphene material recently discovered. This material has shown parallels to another unconventional superconductors known as cuprates. These complex copper oxides are capable of conducting electricity up to 133 degrees above absolute zero, but unlike graphene, the material is complex and poorly-understood.
“We can expect a frenzy of experimental activity over the next few months to fill in the missing parts of the picture,” says Robert Laughlin, a physicist and Nobel laureate at Stanford University in California.

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