Thursday, March 8, 2018

Photo of the Week

Article Written By: Kyle Tam


Image Credit: Lukas Schlagenhauf
Image Credit: Lukas Schlagenhauf
 This week for Photo of the Week, we would like to feature a beautiful photo of a pre-dawn Milky Way over the blue mountains of the Bernina Range. Taken by the talented photographer Lukas Schlagenhauf along the Munt Pers hiking trail in Maloja, Switzerland, this photo was incredibly tedious to capture as the timing was of the upmost importance. For Schlagenhauf to capture this photo, he had to wait until the moment the Milky Way appeared over the range, but this had to be timed with the fast-approaching sunrise.
 For more fantastic photos, be sure to visit Schlagenhauf's Flickr account at:

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