Thursday, July 12, 2018

Plasma Waves Discovered Moving Between Saturn, Enceladus - Hear Them Now

Article Written By: Kyle Tam


 According to new research based on data collected from NASA's Cassini spacecraft's Grand Finale orbits, a powerful and dynamic interaction of plasma waves was discovered to be occurring between Saturn, through its rings, to its moon Enceladus.
 These waves were found to be travelling on magnetic field lines connecting Saturn with Enceladus, allowing for energy to flow back and forth between the two bodies. Similarly like air and water, plasma (the fourth state of matter) generates waves to carry energy.
 Researchers converted the recording of plasma waves into an audio file that could be heard - similar in how a radio converts electromagnetic waves into music.
  “Enceladus is this little generator going around Saturn, and we know it is a continuous source of energy,” said Ali Sulaiman, planetary scientist at the University of Iowa, Iowa City, and a member of the RPWS team. “Now we find that Saturn responds by launching signals in the form of plasma waves, through the circuit of magnetic field lines connecting it to Enceladus hundreds of thousands of miles away.”

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