Saturday, August 11, 2018

Study Finds that Children with Allergies Have a Lower Risk of Appendicitis

Article Written By: Bright Li


According to a new study published in the journal JAMA Pediatrics, children with IgE-mediated allergies have a lower risk of complicated appendicitis.

Children with allergies have a lower risk of getting complicated appendicitis due to their immunological response, compared to those of non-allergic children.

Quote from Dr. Martin Salö, researcher at Lund University, physician at Skåne University Hospital, “In a study of all the children who underwent surgery for appendicitis in Lund, Sweden, over the span of a decade, we found that the most common form of allergy, such as allergy to pollen and animal fur, was associated with a three times lower risk of developing complicated appendicitis.”

The study comprised of 605 children, in which complicated appendicitis occurred in 20 children with IgE-mediated allergy (19.6%), there were 236 with no allergy (46.9%).

Quote from Dr. Martin Salö, “The results also provide clues that we hope can lead to the development of new diagnostic aids such as blood tests.”

Written and condensed by B.Li 

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