Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Artificial Intelligence Put to the Test in Minecraft

Article Written By: Juliana Zadarko


Image credit: Pixabay

Minecraft provides the perfect environment for researchers to test the analytic and interpersonal skills of the artificial intelligence (AI) they create. In the competition hosted by Microsoft, Queen Mary University of London, and crowdAI, AI agents are being challenged to complete tasks collaboratively with other agents. The AI must recognize and carry out a variety of tasks according to the Minecraft environment they are placed in; objectives include fending off skeletons, navigating through mazes, and constructing towers.

Although AI technology is still only in it’s beginning phases, organizers placed emphasis on adaptable and co-operative AI in hopes of one day seeing the results translate into human collaboration. ‘Theory of mind’ is the psychological term used to describe the human ability to read into the intentions of others and respond accordingly. AI researcher Katja Hofmann at Microsoft Research Cambridge, in England, explains how implementing human players into the Minecraft environment is the next step in achieving this property in AI: “Then the algorithms could learn to collaborate with humans and learn what humans want.” 

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