Saturday, January 5, 2019

New Theory Brings Light to Dark Energy and Expanding Universe

Article Written By: Bright Li


Image Credit: Suvendu Giri     

     According to a recent study published in the journal Physical Review Letter, Dr. Souvik Banerjee and co-authors, Uppsala University Sweden, formulated an updated theory to the mysterious, exponential expansion of our universe.

     Back in the 1990s, the universe was not only discovered to be expanding at an exponential rate, but that space was not actually empty. In fact, it was established from a substance called dark energy.

     Shortly after, string theory was developed to explain this discovery. It was said that there were more than three dimensions as well as all matter being consisting of tiny, vibrating ‘string like’ entities.

     Quote from Dr. Souvik Banerjee, “for 15 years, there have been models in string theory that have been thought to give rise to dark energy.”

     However, according to the new journal, both dark energy and the entire universe are riding on an expanding bubble. This is found in an extra dimension, where the universe is found on the bubble’s edge.

     Furthermore, all known and existing matter in the universe coincides to the ends of the strings that expand out into the extra dimension.

     Quote from Dr. Souvik Banerjee, “it is conceivable that there are more bubbles than ours, corresponding to other universes.”

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