Saturday, June 15, 2019

A Notable Growth Projected in the Microcontroller Market Over the Next Five Years

Article Written By: Anjiya


Microcontrollers are used in everything: from your largest purchases of cars to a simple computer keyboard. They are at the heart of the advancements being made in vehicle connectivity, automation and interactive safety systems. And they are not going anywhere.

The key factors for their growth are identified as the increase in demand for smart grids, energy-efficient vehicles, and smartphones as well as new applications in the rising Internet of Things (IoT) markets.

Microcontrollers operate in a way that’s very literal to their name; they are small and they control thing; they are computers that are imbedded inside bits of hardware and software and ultimately oversee a specific operation inside of it.

They encompass an assemblage of different components: input/output ports (I/O ports), central processing unit (CPU), RAM, a microprocessor, and more. For serial communication, they employ flash memory to retain data when power supply is cut, serial interfaces to transmit data one bit at a time (retains signal integrity and improve transmission speeds) as well as Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory (EEPROM) which stores relatively small amounts of data and allows individual bytes to be erased and reprogrammed.

Something so small and deftly integrated into machinery might seem impossible to understand - but the fact remains, microcontrollers are the cornerstone of much of the technology being developed today.

The recently released market research report has identified the automotive industry as the largest growth driver. Microcontrollers are at the heart of the advancements being made in vehicle connectivity, automation and interactive safety systems which are made possible by the increase in the adoption of hybrid and electric vehicles. This will likely continue especially in the countries with stringent regulations due to environmental concerns over the forecast period of 2016 – 2022.

There has also been a proliferation of smartphones globally driven by the demand for low cost smartphones in developing economies and inexpensive 4G smartphones in emerging markets worldwide. The demand specifically for the 32-bit segment is quite high because of its requirement in upcoming IoT applications, thus putting pressure on suppliers to lower their average selling prices.

Microcontrollers allow electricity delivery systems to better monitor, protects and optimizes their operation thereby driving large scale migration of power systems from conventional to smart grid systems.

They’re in your vehicles, they’re in your back pockets they’re everywhere - so familiarize yourself with the key companies in the global microcontroller market like  Texas Instruments Incorporated and Microchip Technology Inc. because they aren’t going anywhere.

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